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WBV is a powerful vibration tool for rehabilitation, weight management, circulation & pain management.

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My Experience

Whole Body Vibration has changed my life. As a two-time stroke survivor living with MS, 70% back impairment and circulatory issues in my legs I should not have mobility nor an active lifestyle. With WBV technology I have removed pain, fats, fluids, toxins and 81LBS from my life and lifestyle. I live every day as if my existence counted on it. I urge you to choice to eliminate these factors which may be present in your life.

WBV has been proven to work with countless medical conditions. Please click the first link below and simply type "WBV Diabetes" or "WBV Fibromyalgia"...


WBV Research With Physicians & Case Studies    

Suggested Unit For Whole Body Vibration

For Easy Access To Research Click One Of These Common Conditions:

Fibromyalgia - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Osteoporosis - Osteoarthritis - Osteopenia - Multiple Sclerosis - Weight Loss - Diabetes - Plantar Fascitis - Gout 

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